November 27, 2018

Evolution Of Writing in Me: When The Story Of Writing Started With Full of Interest

Thanks to Internet Explorer.

It was in fact not internet explorer at initial stages, it was an opera mini browser. When I was using a mobile in my first year of BSC in 2008-2009 and that time data was so costly. Browsing over a WAP site was so fast and limited. And those days were awesome, Nokia was a king in that era. I had a Samsun, slider phone and many times its strip replaced. Few browsers were famous and one of those was an Opera mini browser. And those days Facebook just had made an entry into the market. But those days Google was the best for searching what I wanted. I used to prefer the first technology for my help rather any friend or else ones. And all of us knew college boys interested in what? Either in girls or studies, Romance and Love are the chapters everyone comes across in college life. But in my case, it is confused to say or I assure you that I was the one who was running short of the time these days. Everything I had wanted to keep a track of the time and scheduled every task of the day. I was doing sometimes part-time job or sometimes stopped studies and do fulltime work. Going for lectures or bunk the rest of the lectures and attain only practical.

Browsing the internet to understand the world, how it looks, watching short clips, downloading MP3 songs and most frequent was Ringtones and Wallpapers for my phone. One GB net was enough for the month for the WAP sites. And questions in the mind used to keep running randomly to search the answers and I could find those only on the web. But it gradually turned into reading blogs like health, technology, social and most of the time related to science. I was a science student.

Reading Adult Content on the Web.

I am sure every boy at that age did and I was one of them. As far as I could remember, one day I came across a short story on an adult site and in a few days, I was addicted to that. The emotions of my body melted and started flowing with the blood like clots in the capillaries got repaired and functioning super to reach each nerve. Then I also thought, I could have written it better than what I was reading. The senses were overflowing continuously. I thought and decided that I should write not only to become a good writer but to learn English. I was a poor English speaker and writer and it was already proved when I went for BPO interviews and every time I used to fail due to I was not that good in the language.

In the first attempt in 10th grade, I failed in the three languages, Hindi, English, and Marathi. I knew and I still remember my days in 5th grade. I was excellent in the Marathi language. It was a big shame for me and many friends had made jokes.

This was the thought and kept buzzing in my mind and I had yet not started writing due to lack of time. I had to earn and learn and college exams were in my head dancing like a demon standing with a sword pointing its tip at my hair. I had many responsibilities. But fad of learning the things over the internet had never stopped for me. And I never lived my life without web though I had no laptop and desktop, the mobile was enough those days for me.

Finding Interests in Social Media.

Gradually Facebook was making a name in the market, I considered I was the first user among my friends, an active user on Facebook, I was learning Facebook day by day. On my own post, I was the only to comment and share. I had no friends and I used to spread a word about Facebook. The comments and posts were never liked by someone. My memory could remember, it was 2009 and I was in the second year of my BSC in Pune. And soon in 2011, I was a user of next, the most popular social media people call it Twitter. It grew very fast than Facebook. Then I found interesting in terms of learning the language. Indians were rare users and most of the friends were from UK, USA. Their comments, post, and replies were teaching me some kind of foreign language, slangs. And better hand over the English.

An incident had shocked me and urged me to become an aspiring author was a rape case in India. I was so upset and some few Indians too. I had decided to write in such a genre and show the power of the woman in society through a message. Half of the story I had finished and I heard about a big gang rape case in Delhi again and which was similar to my story. Then I discontinued writing the story not for permanently, but for a while until getting a good mood and setting. In such cases, I frequently change my living place. I was in Pune for education purpose and still living in a rented house. I keep changing my house to bring a new interest in living style and most of the time I change my bed, furniture, and other things and its position at my house. It keeps me away from a boring life.

A Smart Phone Changed Me A Lot.

It was time to boost my knowledge in the literature world. When I bought a smartphone, I started browsing effectively and reading eBooks on my mobile phone. It took me into a planet of the fiction. The stories and thoughts couldn't let me sleep. To enhance my knowledge, I keep reading and writing. A few days later, I explored the meaning of BLOG and quickly signed up an account in blogger hosted by Google. The journey had started with non-sense stories of my own thought and it grew to some extent that my profile looks good now. There is still time to go ahead of it. Still learning phase yet to finish and I believe it won't finish until I die.

November 25, 2018

Immature Welcome : A Life Breathing Faster

I was tiredly in a deep sleep when someone I don't know suddenly knocks the door. The door was not that strong nor it was locked inside. I was in ICU at JivenRekha Hospital, Pune at that time and it was midnight. All I saw through my blurry vision, a sister asking me to pull the nebulizer. She was the same sister who was taking care of my daughter all night time. She again asked one more thing, incubator. As soon as I pulled the curtains and opened the door. A group of doctors and nurses came in front of my room, not even let me allowed to pull the things she had asked.

All of them enter into my room holding a tiny premature baby girl wrapping a think layer of blood and water. She was humming and looking like a newly born bird's baby. I adjusted myself at the corner quickly and let them allow their work in progress. All of them suddenly ran into my room. I was surprised at first looking at that undeveloped baby. Switched on the incubator without taking them outside of my room, two nurses started wiping her body by cotton and one doctor quickly took a lead, lifted a scissor from a pan other nurse was holding and cut her naval cord. The baby cried in pain. My eyes had shrunken in danger.

I was completely shocked at the incident when I heard that baby was born in the 8th month which is dangerous to survive and she has a breathing problem. My heart beats went dancing inappropriate manner and sleep flew away. Patient's grandfather came at the spot. The doctor in his 32 came out and stood in front with his dirty hand gloves on, near the doorway. The floor which was already littered with blood stains of the patient.

"It's female, the baby was born premature and has a need to keep her under incubator and need an oxygen supply." the doctor said nervously. The grandfather of the patient looked at doctor's hand gloves were still stinky and blood clots present was proof whatever he is talking was true.

Grandfather, saying no words, just nodded and stood dumb stuck. The man was in 50's, dwarf and was standing showing his fat stomach. He was dark and speechless. I was sure by that time, he was from a poor and innocent family. Later I got to know that he works as a housekeeper in apartments. The father of the baby girl had not yet turned up at the hospital.

"If you can pay Rs 7500 per day then we can proceed, the mother is fine, but now you have to think about the baby."

The old man simply put the hands together and begged, nodded and disappeared.

I thought for a while, how difficult it was to manage the money for that family only they can understand that. The man who could hardly earn Rs 8000 per month, it was completely difficult to pay the whole month salary in one day. The mother of the baby girl was at her father's place. In India, all the pregnancy expenses done by maternal. That becomes too difficult for them when a couple plans their baby immediately after the marriage.

Who made these rules? This was the first question had come in my mind.

I did not utter a single word, I simply let the baby stay in my room for the rest of the night though we were disturbed. As the family was not afforded the charges for ICU. It was unfortunate baby taking her breath in the difficult situation. God bless that child and let her welcome peacefully in the world of magic and miracles.

November 21, 2018

On The Edge Of The River: Incredible Universe Created by God

Summer times are so annoying most of the time, in almost all the parts of India. It was a time when I was a child, was completing my Highschool studies. My native place is the pure village, all day long I could hear bellowing from cow's or sheep's and sometimes Bullock's. It is particularly in the morning time around 10 AM and evening time at 6 PM. A day when summer was going on and it was so hot. Nobody could dare to come out of the house in the afternoon, can you guess what temperature it would have been there? Unbelievable, it was 42°c. It reaches almost all the east-north part of India, including Maharashtra in Vidarbha is extremely hot. So I was looking for going outside near the edge of the river. I was waiting for the evening when I will go and sit there for an hour to get refreshed. Those days had no tension of my exams, resting and holiday from the school was going on.

My body was giving an odor of sweat sitting at home and because of hot weather, sometimes when there is no electricity. It was the village and there is no guarantee of it, especially in the summer there was no electricity for 6-12 hours. Most of the time I have done my studies under a kerosene lamp for hours. I got happy when I heard the sound of feet, cows, and bulls were returning home. I wore my old sleeper, started heading toward the west. My house is at east and river at west, I have to walk almost a kilometer to reach there. It is one of the second best places of my village. The 1st one is a big temple of Bajarangbali, most of the marriages happen there. It was 6 PM, narrow road, hardly one truck could travel, I was walking and domestic animals were coming from the opposite side. I do not scare of these animals, but one out of these could be dangerous, so I was watching carefully and walking. One stupid cow was passing through my left arm, it was walking on the wrong side, she looked at me with her big eyes, I speed up my walking but she hits her tail on my bum. I rubbed it and looked at her with my weird look.

It was fine rather than facing her with different actions, she had pointed horns. So finally I reached my favorite place for the day. It was after a long time I came. I was so sad when I came to know that there is very little water left. All other parts of the river were almost dried. All white bolder stones, rock were opened and dried. When I roam over the sand, I saw dead bodies of tiny fishes, I took one silverfish size of my little finger, it was almost weightless. I found a small pond and live fishes, even their life was too dangerous. Birds were watching their moves carefully.

What a great life God has created for everyone, it is a cycle that everybody has to pass through. One wild dog came there searching for the water, how water is important in the summer to ask for that dog who all was tired, thirsty and hopeless. But still, that dog keeps searching, he went on the other side of the river.

I sat on a rock, the edge of the river. The birds were going home, the sun was red, few minutes were left to hide it. I looked at the trees was all happy and waving in the cool air. I was feeling a bit of ease and comfort. I wished if I could bring a book and read till 8 PM. But I had no option like today, I am sitting on the footpath in the big city where there is attached little free area, most of the citizens come here in the evening and spend their lovely time with the environment.

November 19, 2018

The Long Distance And Love Both Are Beautiful in The Life :They are Co-exist in Relationship and Dating.

The distance brings the changes in life, when you love someone and living alone, it automatically gives birth to care and love. The care that will make you more concern about that loving person and the love that keep on increasing in the life for that individual. In a long distance relationship, many are successful examples in front of us. There are specific reasons behind that and that is we are going to talk about.

Most of the soldier's life is based on these two things, they dream of love, house, romance, and their family. And I have seen many of them in the successful relationship till date. I can say they are king to maintain the healthy relationships. They found committed to each other for the lifetime. In India, there are many soldier families found in a village, after the completion on the certain bond of the service to the country, they are called well happily married family.

In modern society, we don't feel that touch due to the technology and growing senseless media. There is two to three break up, but still, there are no real feelings for love. There were days many lovers die in love stories for their first love. Those days I still remember when we had to wait a week or more to receive a message from our beloved through a postcard. There was a meaningful writing in the letters and nobody's sentiment used to hurt.

The pleasure of reading the card was awesome, those days I think will never return again. We used to wait to come everyone home, those readings could touch the hearts of every person.

If we do anything frequently, going on the date, calling continuously even though the next person is happily receiving the calls, chatting with your girlfriend that leads to confusion. It sounds somewhat fake, in the conversation, the questions being raised on the trust and thus that conversation keeps taking turns and twist. And overreact which cause a worse situation in dating as well as relationship nowadays.

The long-distance love makes good memories and we don't forget for the lifetime. The good mood asks us to surprise our love with anything, we visit once in a month and that love represents the value in both the person. The trust binds the togetherness in well manners and makes you a great couple that everyone wishes to have around.

The impact of these smartphone broke many relationships, we should give some space to our-self. Now, we can't live the life without the phone, it's as equal as two person is in life and handling them is a big task for the day. We understand it is that much of important, but give it at the specific time. Make yourself free like a bird, more usage of mobile increases your stress level and that sometimes spoils the mood.

Hobbies are the best terms when you are a frequent caller to your partner, get busy with one of the hobbies and make yourself bound and engaged. This will maintain your relationship and date your partner at the best intervals. This maintains the perfect space for each other and lives in the relationship for a longer period.

Thus the distance plays an important role in life, the frequency of your calls, chat and other things should be limited which enhance the healthy relationship.

November 17, 2018

What Responsible Father Should Do For Their Children?

As a father what we do best to our children? We sometimes scold him/her on their mistakes, talks bad about them in front of others that leads to evoke the unlimited waves of anger and spoils the relationship with them forever. As a parent, we have to keep them always happy is a key responsibility of any parents. If we learned those tricks then our family becomes a happy one.

As a father, the number of time we spend in our office, we have to reserve some time for our child too at home. Consider it is for your whole day stress reliever. As soon as you get home after you get refresh, just planned your kid's time not to go out with their friends, but spend at least an hour with you. This way you will get a company after your hectic office hours. Study them, ask their concerns - School life, teachers, friends.    From their regular life father has to identify the bad habits out
Father teaching daughter
As a father, the number of time we spend in our office, we have to reserve some time for our child too at home. Consider it is for your whole day stress reliever. As soon as you get home after you get refresh, just planned your kid's time not to go out with their friends, but spend at least an hour with you. This way you will get a company after your hectic office hours. Study them, ask their concerns - School life, teachers, friends.

From their regular life father has to identify the bad habits out of their regular activities. The problem kick starts from here if you miss this one.
With your kids, you have to be a mirror with them, they should love you as a friend. The best quality of their favourite friends and that quality should be present in you too. If it does then not to worry, be a mirror, you just have to reflect that nature your son/daughter love. Next day onward he will consider you like one of the best friends.
Shaking the hand and a smile brings a lot in the office, impress your boss and your life becomes easy for that day. If you start this practice with your kids when you return home then what will happen? Your son or daughter tells you the truth about their life, gradually they will keep you updated about them and you will feel good, you will share their stories with your colleagues, friends while on the lunch break.

If you made such level of understanding between both of you then the situation is in your hands, take them at their favourite places, do some shopping and surprise them, find their happiness and follow it. Every time on their mistakes, end with a great example which they could learn fast and avoid their next mistakes rather than slapping them. Remember the anger brings only anger, it never seeks for peace.
We get calls from the office, on the urgent and priority we have to finish that task, just consider one more call in your daily life, keep update with your kids what is happening in life. One call at least in a day, not necessary you should call, make him/her love calling you and sharing you whatever happening in school.

Most of the parents do not talk dirty and that is a great thing, but talking about sex with your kids is not bad, it just makes you 100% friend. Talking on a topic of sex, science student will not hesitate to talk with their parents. This is a subject that most of the bad links attached and then only you can take cares of your kids and secure them from taking a bad decision in their life. The mothers should have this topic for a conversation with their daughters. Simply sharing them bad things about the others will make more comfortable leads the examples in kid's life.

Never forget, always talk good about them in front of anybody, a kind of respect for you will occur in them. Even though they are lagging behind some part of the study or behaviours, say positive always and go positively. The positive flow would make him/her back on the track and one day you will see big changes in terms of everything.
The most important, you always have to give then a kind of respect that he/she should never forget, even you die, they should talk good about you. Implementing these things will bring you a great father and your family of society.

November 14, 2018

Definition of Life: What is Marriage? Whom You Should Get Married

The marriage is a divine thing that everyone has to perform once in life. Not only human, but all the living organism do it. They have their own definition, understanding and terms in this regards.

Getting married frequently and at the mid of the age you are single and live life like that and so on, that is the biggest failure. If such happens, you become alone, your parents will take care of you till they exist, but who will care for you later? Some other day, you will die in a room which no one will notice of your death and a few days later police will find, reaching you sniffing a rotten body. If you died inside of your home then you will find out who was this dead man or if you were found outside dead then it will be difficult for them to name the body. No brother or sister take cares of anyone in today's date, only parents or your wife can possibly do it

I have seen many friends who dislike getting married or saw many who just want a physical relationship, they love to keep such a life, they do not want to keep the child. They think that physical pleasure reduces upon bearing children. But there are bad and uncontrolled impacts on the life those women who are not get married.

My definition of marriage is something different. Getting married for the long journey of life and at the end of your days, your marriage life privileges good life, a comfortable physical support from your wife at least. Your grandchildren give you immense pleasure when you get time to play with them. Share them your real stories, feeding them, making them quickly understand this never-ending world and how to live on this gigantic earth. You must have got a question what support and what I am talking about?

When you get married, the life starts changing, new ways comes in your front. Your routines get changes, living style brings a difference. Couple's emotion and feelings exchanges due to their soul meeting. Luck triggers on your way in many forms. You both become dependant on each other.

What I have experienced was awesome after I got married, the life before was different and now many positive changes brought up into my life. I had never imagined things are happening now. There were pending works started getting finish up.

But my next question is to whom you should be married? Someone you love or someone you attracted toward a woman you wish to? The love takes a lot of time to build in any person and the attraction never last long, it's just come anytime and vanish with the pleasures. Who would be the first and last life partner of your life? I can say it depends upon your trust, loyalty and the most, respect for each other. If these things are with you, any woman would be committed for the life with you.

When the life reaches at the age of 65-70 the advantage of your marriage starts getting from that day. You get the support of your family, in returns of what you did best for them. If you did well, your son or daughter will keep you in well condition, care for you all the time, if you were rude with them the problems will rise. You have to sacrifices at that time because there will be no other options, but fight with the situation.
Irrespective of what you had sacrificed in your early marriage life for them, you did hard-work but then all ruined because of your small mistakes during progressive marriage life and behaviour with your family.

But when you have your wife with you, your life is secured till the time you die. This happens smoothly when you have age difference in your spouse. If your wife has 7-4 years age gap then (younger than you) at the age of 65-70, she would be more fit and strong than you, she will take cares all the possible way, support you will get only from her.
If both are at the same age, then it will create problems, You guys will have the same amount of strength, you will go weaker day today and will be more helpless for each other. If your dependents are not supportive. So it is better to have an age difference between the couple. It matters a lot.

In Indian culture, many couples are getting married with a huge age difference. Normally, the girls get married at the age of 20-23 and the boys at 25-32

Urban lifestyle has changed the meaning and existence of marriage. There is still someone likes to live traditionally. Few women are left on this holy earth likes to bear children and get the love of their own child. It is the greatest happiness for any woman. The fashionable and glamorous women are running away from the marriage life, either they are not aware of the definition of life or does not know the concept of marriage.

November 13, 2018

Good Government Should Provide Shelter First : Economical and Social Condition of India

Any of the government has to provide the three needs of the human, ignoring them, they keep petrol price high that is one of the shameful. The Indian officials are lagging behind something, especially knowledge of the modern and poor society.
Many India citizen is homeless in the metro cities, they are living on the rent, half of the salary gets utilized in the accommodation only. Where the government is focusing? They are busy making roads. But for what? Where the authority should focus on?

I got many questions in my head, what is wrong in the system and what part of India should be developed? A small guy can tell the basic needs of a human then why the management does not know? There is only a main reason either they are rich enough hence they don't understand the problem of middle-class people.

They must carry out one mission, provide a home for homeless people with 80% of subsidy policy. But where goes wrong? They have land they can provide with lowest EMI to the public only for those who have no piece of land on their name. I heard about Gharkul, it is for villagers but there is no income source for farmers. If there is any scheme for urban middle-class then nobody knows about it.

But in India, it is wrong. In most of the cities, the only land is very costly, government rates are less (Just for the announcement) and those land buy other landlords and sale it with double or triple profit. It is illegal. Sale of land this way should be banned. Any of the state management should have authority to sell the land only, no other dealer.

It does not happen, these people (System and rich men) are making money, sucking the fresh blood of the poor. But somewhere it has to be stopped. The rules need to be amended, the constitution needs to rewrite. PM Narendra Modi offers 2.75 lac for those who have no property and it is for their first home. The home cost around 20 to 30 Lac per 1BHK. It is just an amount of GST that the government is offering. What a shame.

The reason for the high price when we buy open plots are only because of the system. They shouldn't allow builders to sell at that price or it should not go beyond that limit of dedicated slot price area wise.

Shelter, Food and Clothes are essential elements of life and should be provided at a reasonable price. buying a home nowadays is life's biggest task for the family member than marriage expenses. This thing should be considered by the government of any country and provide the best assistance in purchasing.

In the ancient time, once I had heard that, getting married and building a house was very difficult for the common man, that time the land was free even though, it was difficult. Now the land cost you more than the construction amount. We are not blind, we also understand that population is increasing and revenue of the system is also keep up (we are paying the taxes).

Useless expenses will ruin all the system's management of any country. There should be great expenses handling body. The authority is corrupted anybody will easily say looking at the condition of the middle-class people.

The Metro train is waiting for people to serve better, the authority has spent billions, just for transport. What about home? They must invest in the home rather. How people will afford to travel on the train if they don't have their own house. The management is completely wrong here.

In the many cities, they had set up BRT (Special for rapid bus root transport) for speedy transport facility. Now they have broken that road and set up big pillars for Metro train. This is just a waste of money or what? our money is just wasting for no reason. Nobody cares about it.

Government hospitals are useless, they are not taking care of the patient. It has been built just to show that we exist to help you but 10% of people go there for treatment and return losing their beloved in the hospital (many lost the death there). Everyone hates that hospital. This is the fact every single person knows but there is no improvement. Take one more step ahead Modiji.

November 11, 2018

Trekking On A Nearest Hill With My Parents

It was a Friday evening, spending the entire week at home alone is very difficult to ask me. I want to breathe a fresh air, away from the polluted city. Though we stay at city annex, 30 km from the heart of the city and still feel the air pollution around my city.

I thought to go to a hill that I never been to before. I cried and forced my dad to go somewhere. My mom and dad had taken me to many places but today we came to a strange place. The place that was so sloppy, green and cold. For a moment, I felt that I opened the door of our refrigerator. A smile of happiness and a bit of confused mind feeling a magical place. It was awesome. My mom just placed me on the ground mix of yellow and green grass.

The cold air sometimes used to passes through my ear or sometimes feeling my hair dancing around it. A never notice strength had come in my arms and legs.

"A different kind of laugh and smile appeared on her face," my mom said to my dad.
I simply looked up at them, smiled and set my way ahead. I could not stop myself roaming around the place.

Look at these pictures, how did I enjoy my day at this hill, I don't think so that this would be a treasure as I won't remember at all. If these pictures are saved even though this would be just a digital memory that's it.

November 10, 2018

This is How We Celebrate Diwali : Family's Diwali Celebration in India

India's one of the most important festivals, Diwali. Everyone wants to go to their hometown, meet parents and old friends. We just celebrated away from our parents and relatives. The happiness was with us, for that we started the day early in the morning on the day of Goddess Laxmi Puja.

Diyas to Goddess Laxmi

This festival is pure of light, the entire house, doors, windows, corridor and verandah with full of Diyas. We also put artificial light to make our home beautiful. On that day, we dress up more than in any marriage or party. And for farmers, the crop has already arrived at their home and thus it is a big celebration for them.

Goddess Laxmi Puja
Every person of the house tries their best to decorate and light the house, before the season of Diwali starts, they dust of the house, paint it nicely. For the entire five days, people decorate with Diyas, bulb, paintings and the most famous Rangoli around the house. This is all being done for just to welcome Goddess Laxmi and at the evening time, Laxmi puja happens at every house - Devotion of Gold, Money, and Diyas

Lightning to the entire house with Diyas
 Light every Diyas and placing at every door, windows and into the corridor. When these diyas placed the Laxmi enters the house - This is what we Indian thinks, the crore of people follows this holy practice traditionally.

Best Rangoli of the day
 This was one of the best Rangoli of the day, it was looking so beautiful in the night and quickly changed me and my thoughts.

Rangoli In India
This Rangoli was also looking great under the light of Diya as simple as it is.

Holy Basil Puja
 This is holy basil plant everyone wants in front of their house - Front of a window or the main entrance of the house. Every day in the evening time, one diya should be placed and a prayer must be done. But now in urban life, it is gradually vanishing, I find new generation rarely keeps it in the house. But more either they don't know the benefits or the importance of it

Doorway when Goddess Laxmi enters the house at Puja
 This is how we decorated the entrance of Goddess Laxmi, prints of leg pointed inward of the house. It is a symbol of a warm welcome.

Cracker Tree
This cracker tree was looking simply so beautiful, but disappointed due to pollution. I am not the only one but the crore people do it and it is very harmful to the environment. The government of India should stop burning these firecrackers, let simply burning of diyas would be no harm and looks elegant and innocent way with pollution free celebration

Cracker Flower
 This is the simple one, ladies and children play with it. Easy for handling.

Children Celebrating Diwali and Cracker

The Diwali has been famous among the children. When I was a child, my preparation for the Diwali used to start a month ago. Shopping, cleaning, painting, study in advance, going to relatives. Everywhere was fun only. This is just year's only happy days on the earth. But when this season goes away, people return to their work, a silence comes across the street and house. The usual days keep going and this is how our Diwali comes to end. "Happy Diwali"

November 05, 2018

It Matters What You Do In Life - Do Good Things on This Holly Earth

This is the life I lived

I was a cruel, Nobody I feed

I was a Thieve and murdered many

Killed the emotions, feelings for a penny

My brain was the house of evil thought

Day and night they use to fight

I am tired, I can't walk alone

Nobody lives around me, wife sold my house and gone

I need a help, I wanted to go to a hospital.

I am a beggar I live in a drainage pipe under a bridge

I eat the same food from weeks, to keep them, I have no fridge

I was a bad man, was living in a bungalow and rich

I had married a woman who was a witch

She ran away, leaving me alone here in the drainage pipe

I hardly bath when rain and use my shirt for body wipe

I learned the end of my life, Never hurt anyone.

you have to pay back. for you, waiting for someone

God, the pain I am getting is enough now

I ate no food today, give me a bit anyhow

If the death is easy

Give me you're crazy

November 04, 2018

This Breakfast Over My Stupid and Nerdy Morning

This Breakfast Over My Stupid and Nerdy Morning

If suddenly your resting body wakes up and all the relaxed mode converts into muscular tension. That tension brought a headache and makes your body warm and sick. And the next day suddenly attacked your throat. Do you guess what would happen? of course, you do but what would you do after if your cough continued for the entire month and so on. What home remedies you will try to cure it?

The same thing had happened to me last month. It was painful, sudden and weird. My cough sometimes makes me do a cough continuously for five minutes without rest. It's been years from this is happening. if I check with a doctor, they will simply say it's normal and viral infection.

I studied in science, any virus lives on a host at the certain favorable temperature, if that warmness or coldness changes in the body, the virus will go away and it will be cured very soon.
The climate changes are the main reason for this catastrophe if you are going out and caught by rain in the middle of the way and the cold air puncture you both the ears, which you will suddenly catch a fever.

I had antibiotics tablet to cure that cough, but then it was not healing the problem, my dry cough suddenly attack me when I work in the AC rooms. So here I suppose to stop going in cold. In short, I need more warm food and acidic one.

Mother, neighbour, and relatives keep on give me suggestion and finally, my mother's thought and I captured a word, 'warm food'. If I eat that food for the next two-three days, my cough will go away. And that was true. So I bought a dozen Eggs early in the morning, made my day start with non-veg. (We call it non-veg food if we add Eggs in our meal)

I fate two Eggs in a bowl and made an Egg fry and two toast and kept two more boiled Eggs with sprinkled spices will work enough for treatment. The Eggs are very acidic and keep your body warm enough to make runoff that virus from your body.
I have done this on my risk, do not try before you visit your doctor. I had done it on my own risk. I got the result.

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