January 23, 2020

Coming back to writing life after months, shelter had made it lost and it is only going to bring to the life again

Hello friend how are you? Hope all of you are doing well.

Thank you for keep visiting my blog Better Aspect, I respect your interest in finding good and inspiring stories here.

I was busy and away for a while due to some important work, I have bought a new flat which was an unfortunate decision not by me but my wife. I had some other dream in terms of having our own house like a bungalow alone in Lavasa so that I could concentrate on my writing things. But all my dream failed and others came in front of me.

At first, I was hesitant to this decision taken by my wife but when I saw the society how it was built and it was near to my dream location. My dream location was a lonely place of the already built raw bungalow in Lavasa, you must have experience luxury if you already visited that place.

The men who love life and has an artistical view in his life those can live their life in Lavasa. Such a nature-loving place. The government has recently banned builder working there, the law says that you have demolished the nature and built bungalows surrounding by hills and a big water pond.

I bought a house in a nearby location and having hills facing the balcony. I will share the picture in my next blog. We are yet to start living there. My office is at the same distance where I am living in Dehu road.

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