January 23, 2020

One's integrity of relationship | Loving someone and having sexually attraction to other person. This rising trend in our high society is beneficial for health?

PC Pexel

What is our physical energy?

There is energy in our body that produce every time and ready to transfer from one person to another. That physical energy gets a transfer from you to another when we touch anything. There is an exchange of energy. Touching someone physically for the first time only that point of time you will feel that energy. The more you do the less you survive or it's a joy reduces. That energy remembers you for your lifetime.

If you are giving a session at a seminar and you are a famous personality, because of your fans you shake hands and give hugs each and every person in the audience. You are releasing positive energy took years to store in your body. You will quickly exhaust your energy. In short, you are giving access to an integral part of your body. Keep minimal access to your body from the foreign touch.

Pc Pexel

Difference between Joy and Pleasure

Same way loving someone and having a physical relationship with someone that is a choice of one person, but one wishes to keep physical relation with many others, later that person will have pleasure every time he has sex but there will be no joy.

Not only love but every other thing in this universe is enjoyable when you are not a frequent user of someone or something.

Suppose, If I am in a long-distance relationship, work in a metro city and my partner is in hometown. Once in three months, I visit her. There is a different joy that I can't find in every day's meeting with her. Her strong touch will make me a great lover. This is not only in the relationship but I can apply everywhere.

If I visit the Taj Mahal for the first time in my life, I touched those stone, the memory that attached into my body will be forever. The joy is real. What if I work there permanent? I won't feel any special and strong about it. Thus you will be no more keep yourself integral to this place. You have lost the integrity to the Taj-mahal. Hence if you lost your integrity to the sex, you will lose the real joy, the pleasure will be there for sure.

Shaking hands, hugging someone that means you have no integrity to yourself. You are a page of an open book that was read by many people and the importance and the joy of reading has gone.

Having sex with others defines the same way in today's literary world. People start shaking hands, hugging them, some other way they are losing their integrity and joy of life. One must confine their energy.

PC Pexel

Life of a human cycle

The life of any human is defined, the human life cycle completes when the moon does his 1008 cycles. It is divided into three quarters, in the first quarter, exchange of the energy happens from mother to child after that we have to confine it and make it integrated if someone wants to nurture it for the life.

Life becomes hell when there is no joy in life. If any individual did not get that touch from her mother, there is no chance after the first quarter. Why many ancient Indian cultures still are there? Many other spiritual gurus are there who gives you no hugs and handshake. This is the reason why they are the most integrated person.

These lines are from the session of great Sadguru

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