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Lokesh Umak has completed his BSc degree from the University of Pune, A proven specialist in purchase to pay, in corporate office still found great interest in writing and decided to blog in his spare time.
His unrest soul is fond of reading, writing Poetry, Short story and his personal experience on this blog.

In my writing career,

I have completed offline projects and gave my best as a writer, to know more, please search Lokesh Umak on google for my work and website.

Currently, I am living in India and serving Australian clients almost done for 7 years. Previously I have worked for a USA client for 2 years. My daily core responsibilities include talking to vendors, get quotations and place an order with them. Expediting part comes after.

If you think that I am confident enough for handling your project then do not hesitate to contact me.

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Lokesh Umak

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As a "Poeticminds of me" editor, I write the things which I like and hope you will also like it. to know your experience on this site give author a chance to improve and write more. Please do share what you feel about this piece of writing. Greatly appreciated! — Love

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